About Us

Can Image Media Tech LLP has and continues to develop replacement for cast vinyl films used for branding and advertising like on billboards, dealer boards and stickers. We are doing this with our new technology which gives companies and brands the same output needed for advertising but without the vinyl.
For the first time in the world, this new technology is a green alternative and has the same printability needed as the current products in the industry, thus making it easily replaceable. Some key features of our product are that it is completely solvent free, VOC free, Polypropylene free and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) free. We deliver this with a promise of not compromising the quality of the output for our customers.

We exist to build meaningful connections that lead to a brighter future and create abundance in the world by searching for authentic ways of value creation.

At our core, we are a company that believes in creating a sustainable future for the world. We are committed to using our innovations and creativity to make a difference, and we are dedicated to using our resources to help everyone thrive. Our products are 100% Made in India.